Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Support UUM Student Choo Kok Wei.

Choo Kok Wei is a UUM student that has been charget recently by UUCA. University and universities college act.

Background InformationA bus company in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) named Unic Symbol Business Sdn. Bhd. had released a notice about the upgrading of E-bus System and increment in bus fare starting on 17/01/09. Under the new system, two plans will be introduced:1. RM90 plan: Unlimited times of bus riding for the whole semester. But matric card can only be used once in 15 minutes to avoid students from sharing a matric card.2. RM22 plan: Contains 40 points, which means 40 bus rides. This is equal to RM0.55 per ride (one way). In this way, the bus fare has increased 37.5%, from RM0.40 to RM0.55 per ride (one way).Remaining credits for both plans cannot be transferred to the next semester.The news spread fast and students were unhappy with the changes made.

Choo Kok Wei and friends later launched an online petition for UUM students to gather support towards the bus issue.www.petitiononline.com/20090112/petition.html hours later the online petition was blocked by UUM after the petition received massive response from students.But it didn't end straight away, Kok Wei and friends manage to find a way to bypass the block and the petition spread wider by the minute.

Kok Wei then recieved call from the security department(UK) asking Kok Wei to go to UK's office for discussion.

UK demands Kok Wei to meet in a short notice, and when Kok Wei appeals for posponing of the meeting, but was rejected and threaten. Kok Wei at last attended the "discussion", which is an interrogation. During the interrogation irrelevant questions were asked.

when the petition reached 500 students on 19/01/09.

Kok Wei and friends met with Deputy Vice Chancellor and handed in a memorandum. Four demands have been raised:-

1. Maintain the bus fare at RM0.40 per point or reduce it to a rate lower than RM0.55 per point.
2. The remaining credit can be brought forward to the next semester.
3. University has to be transparency in the contract with UNIC and also other contracts in the future, so that students are able to supervise it.
4. Students are involved in any decision making that are concerning the benefits of the students.Deputy Vice Chancellor has agreed to reduce the bus fare to RM0.40 but university will review the rate from time to time. Remaining of the credits can be brought forward to the next semester. Deputy Vice Chancellor also ensured that voices of students will be taken into consideration in the future. But he refused to open the contract with UNIC to the public because it is confidential.

Show ur support Here:- http://www.petitiononline.com/20090112/petition.html


on 19/02/09, Kok Wei received a letter from the Disciplinary Board of UUM, charging him for “planning a protest in online media and released press statement regarding bus fare issue in UUM”. He was asked to attend disciplinary proceeding on 25/2 (Wednesday), 9.25am at Bilik Mesyuarat Sri Delima, Tingkat 5, Bangunan Canselori.

on 22/02/09 Kok Wei sent a letter asking for postpone, but has been rejected by the secretary of UUM Disciplinary Board without reading at the letter. Kok Wei wasn’t able to meet the Deputy Vice Chancellor because he is not in the office

Monday, February 23, 2009

Anti Khir Toyo

Credit to Sarifah.

Picture is worth a thousand words:-


Sebelum dan selepas memakai produk tempe
before andafter

Ni hadiah penyapu, Last-last hang kena sapu.
broom stick

Do visit this Blog: http://antikhirtoyo.blogspot.com/

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Support Eli Now...!!!

Show your SUPPORT for Elizabeth Wong at http://hiaouncle.blogspot.com/!!! Thanks!!!


Khir Toyoed Elizabeth Wong...

This is an email sent from 7up to HiaoUncle.blogspot.com regarding Khir Toyo statement.

Dr Khir Toyo asked: "She is a single person. How can she allow a man into her room when they are not married? What's the status of the relationship."

Dear Dr Khir

You are an absolute koyo! Elizabeth Wong is a Chinese and not a Muslim. Miss Wong is a single, unmarried woman and she is legally entitled to sleep with any man she chooses as long as the man is 18-year-old or older. Miss Wong's religion permits her to have a boyfriend and though she is discouraged to have pre-marital sex, it is legally permissible and the priests do not have the power or rights to adjudge her morality. The Chinese moral and religion allows any single girl to sleep with their boyfriend, including consensual sex; and there is absolutely nothing wrong. The moral of a married man or woman is slightly differed: married person can sleep and have sex with others provided they do it discreetly and make absolutely certain that there is no hidden CCTV or webcam; otherwise, they become public personalities Ex-Rated Stars.

Mr Khir, do not use your own moral rules to judge another. Please take care of yourself, your wife and your daughters, and sons too. Mr. Khir, you are a Muslim and under Islamic Law you are not permitted to fool around with women nor sleep with any other woman except your legal wife. I am more fortunate than you as I am Chinese and I have much more freedom to do or act in regards to sex and sexual intercourse and my religion do not discourage me to do so. However, it is up to me to adopt any form of moral principles or policies.

With that, I hope you, Khir Toyo would not be caught sleeping with other women - it is Khalwat, and you will be punish in accordance to Syariah Law. I truly hope that none of your nude pictures will appear in U-Tube or Malaysiakini. Pray hard and take care, Mr. Toyo. Wish you luck.


We Walk with Eli..!!!

we walk with eli

Elizabeth is a friend, a leader, and most of all, a fellow Malaysian who deserves to live in a home safe from political assassins.

Mr Khir Toyo...stop toyo Elizabeth Wong lah!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day ....

Here is wishing all of you, lovebirds or no lovebirds a very Happy Valentine's Day. In fact, everyday should be your valentine's day especially when you are in love. There is no time, no day , it is never ending.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

“Hijrah @ Lompat”: Idealisme Perjuangan atau Rasuah Ugutan?

I would like to highlight a main difference between Anwar’s attempt of Sept 16 to form a new government and what’s going on in Perak. Anwar said that he had the numbers. He did not say that he ‘bought them’ for a price.

Anwar only gave a call but no money was offered. In this Perak case, a statutory declaration made by a PKR member strongly alleges that money ranging in the millions was offered to Pakatan YBs in order to entice them to crossover.

In this sense, money is the main difference here. I doubt PKR offered any sum of money to BN reps to join Pakatan, as they don’t have access to huge federal funds, unlike BN which has millions of ringgit as the federal government of the day.

What has happened in Perak is cowardice to say the least. The people’s mandate had not been given to BN to rule Perak, but to Pakatan.

I don’t blame the Sultan of Perak..or may be yes, but Najib and his cronies for enticing politicians from Pakatan to join them. This is most shameful and cowardly in that they used a bait of millions of ringgit to lure them.

Were there any monies offered by Pakatan to any BN rep before Sept 16 to join Pakatan and form a new federal government?

Of course, it is ethically wrong to hop from one party to another. But my point here is this, who has the stronger bargaining power when it comes to enticing YBs to crossover?

Certainly it is the one with the most funds and assets accumulated over the past 50 years and that is none other than the corrupt BN regime led by Najib.

credit: maxx zen

Siapa bunuh Altantuya?
Siapa melindungi Saiful Bukhari?
Siapa yang menyembunyikan detektif Bala?
Siapa kurung ADUN Changkat Jering dan Behrang sampai 5 hari?
Jawapan yang sama bagi 4 soalan di atas.

Rakyat tidak bodoh..Siapa lagi?????

Thursday, February 5, 2009