Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zahid Hamidi...F**K U!!!

Bukit Gantang By-election Barisan National organises a dinner at Kampung Sepetang, a chinese fishing village, to attract Chinese votes.....wakakaa....!!!

Chinese girl wearing SEXY is our Chinese culture...Let me ask u all chinese!!! Is it!!!!!????

Click link below:-


Let tell u, that is not what he think, if less more is hiaouncle culture...wakakaaa...!!!

i wanna tell Zahid Hamidi, lick my ares!!!!!

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  1. OK, i agree this is very much a Chinese culture. Thanks Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for showing such great respect and admiration for our Chinese culture.

    Lion dance is our Chinese culture.

    I think Gambling is also Chinese culture.

    Playing with Fire crackers, particularly during the Chinese New year is surely part of Chinese culture.

    The new Umno leaders seem to be very considerate to Chinese culture!!!