Friday, May 8, 2009

Transfer Of Power, The BN Way...!!!

Congratulations to Barisan Nasional government for taking over the state government of Perak using ur FUCKing BN way..

The BN state assemblymen and women with the help and guidance of the police managed to grab the State Assembly Speaker and drag him to a changing room to emasculate him and forcibly take over control of the state legislature.

Thereafter, they pronounced the taking over of the state legislature by appointing a new speaker and will now rule the state with the police force.

The episode clearly illustrate a democratic form of government and a peaceful ending for the Pakatan Rakyat government. In fact, the Regent of Perak was there to grace the occasion.

What is much more applauding is the enormous tasks of the police force and the riot police who manned the stateassembly building, ensuring that only those authorised and acceptable to them were allowed to enter the legislating forum. More importantly is that those who wear black are screen thoroughly and any terroristic elements were culled and incarcerated.

The Pakatan government had proven that they are not able to rule as civil servants would not cooperate with them and the police have always being suspicious of them, whether it is cow or cars, or chinadolls....hahaa.

The federal government legislative body must also learn to behave...!!!!!

Stupid BN wil lost the federal gov in GE 13....

Chao Jibai Hee Yit Foong go to Hell!!!


  1. wa kasii song song sama hee yit foong

  2. u nak ke????
    Tanya diri seribu kali dulu...itu u sahaja.
    Rakyat malaysia dah tahu, free pun x payah fikir....Pui....!!!

  3. No rude words, please =P